10 May 2011

Open and Shut

Last week, it was announced that the Baltimore spot, Sonar, was being shut down. Yesterday, it was reported that they are re-opening. Apparently, the back and forth was the result of an expired liquor license. The owner didn't renew the license because as far as he knew he didn't own the club anymore, and said he had been trying to transfer ownership entirely. Something smacks of being totally strange. Either he owns it, or he doesn't. Regardless of the year, paperwork still exists and there is always a name on the dotted line.
It's not all bad news concerning that place. They only charge two dollars for PBR pounders some nights, and its where Maryland Death Fest is held. Personally, it's where I saw the holy shit amazingness of Deerhunter, No Age, and Dan Deacon performing all together in the same room at the same time as well as the space where I saw the majesty of Down for the first time. In the club room, I bore witness to High on Fire and on one particularly memorable night pushed around to a double bill of HEALTH and Double Dagger.

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