02 June 2011


Shake out of your slumber. It's a new day. Put cigarettes out on your carpet if you need to. My records spin the right way while yours go backward. Move faster than you're comfortable. Could you please spot me a cup of coffee? This heat won't break, and I'm out of clean drawers. A few more days can pass if need be, but shit baby I could use some help. I'm firmly resolving to making apples and coffee my exclusive diet, but I still have my concerns. Two weeks without caffeine, days without food, and a few hours sans smokes. I'm scraping by, and loving it. Do you believe? I'm obligated to so bring on tomorrow. Lazier beings grow tired, but its just getting interesting. Sleeping and rest yield night terrors that are no longer meaningful, time for a change if that's what you want to call it.

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