11 June 2011

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - "Senator"

As promised, Matador has made a track from the forthcoming Stephen Malkmus album available as a free download. "Senator" is one of fifteen songs on Mirror Traffic, which was produced by Beck and is being released on August 23. The Matador website also indicates that this album will not be a part of the Buy Early Get Now promotion based on a comment that says those instances occur when there is a surplus of extra material to work with which is unfortunately not the case for this joint. However, a preorder will yield a free poster and the first one hundred orders include a flexidisc of "Jo Jo's Jacket", originally released as a promo for the first Malkmus album in December of 2000.
As far as this song goes, dig on it for it is a welcome return. The last offering came out in 2008, so the timing is about right for there to be something new to chew on. Download it, hangout, and see how many times you repeat the lyrics out loud.
From the Matablog

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