02 June 2011

Woods - "Sun and Shade"

Unforgivably late on this, but there is a new Woods record. As always, it can be ordered through their imprint Woodsist. The official street date is listed as June 14, but the review is already up on Pitchfork and it is available for download on both Amazon and iTunes. No need to think that it'll be anything other than majestic. (Writer's Note: There may be some favoritism in that statement, but its no secret that I really fucking dig this band.)
There's a tour in the works as well with a myriad of supporting acts such as Kurt Vile, the Fresh & Onlys, Ducktails, and White Fence depending on the day. It begins on July 11 in Boston with some stops in Canada and several on the West Coast including Woodsist Festival in Big Sur on July 30 and 31. A couple south dates, and then New York on August 13. Alas, no stops in Philadelphia or Baltimore/DC but they are going across the pond in September.

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