24 July 2011

Bleached - "Think of You"

Bleached is comprised of Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, formerly of Mika Miko. Their new 7", Carter, became available on July 19 on the internets and vinyl copies can also be ordered via Art Fag Recordings. The A-side is "Think of You" with "You Take Time" on the flip. Album art above.
Now with the specs out the way, let it be known that this is No Gift for the Gab's summer joint. This song has basically everything that I ever want. A mildly burnt out take on the past being delivered in the present. Women playing instruments. Vocals that mildly remind me of early Danzig/Misfits recordings. Really, it's all there.
Anyway, I've really been digging this song for the last month or so. Think of You by Art Fag Recordings

1 comment:

  1. INteresting...I like the cover art and will probably be searching for this tune over the net some point soon. I was reading p4k for amoment and saw the flaming lips and lightning bolt have combined. There is a video out for the song titled "I wanna get high, but I don't want brain damage". Cracked me up. -GM