29 August 2011

EXTRA EXTRA, This Week Only

I'm not Carrie Brownstein, but we have the same initials. Bad jokes aside, there are bigger fish to fry today. Namely, the Wild Flag record is streaming in full all this week over at NPR. The physical release date is September 13, but you can listen now.
Wild Flag is comprised of the aforementioned Carrie Brownstein, former Sleater-Kinney and ex-Jick Janet Weiss behind the kit, along with Mary Timony guitar and Rebecca Cole on keys. This formation was announced a little less than a year ago, but in internet terms it works out to be something like a thousand years. Also, even though all four involved are serious vets I'd still make the argument that this is a new band. Either way, this is the first album for this moniker.
As recently mentioned I've become quite taken by sounds similar to this, so this stream is making my day. Well, that and I'm not at work. Dig. Wild Flag officially arrives 9/13 via Merge.

(via stereogum, stream available at NPR)

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