25 August 2011

New Atlas Sound Album

On November 8th, Bradford Cox will release a new record as Atlas Sound. The title is Parallax, and it will be coming via 4AD. (Writer's Note: I can't help, but hope that the title is a Green Lantern reference. Not that stupid smoke monster from the movie, but rather the entity of fear that infected Hal Jordan and wrecked havoc on the DC Universe in the last 80s and early 90s.)
The first track "Terra Incognita" is out, and available for your listening pleasure. Album art above, and tracklist below.

1. The Shakes
2. Amplifiers
3. Te Amo
4. Parallax
5. Modern Aquatic Nightsongs
6. Mona Lisa
7. Praying Man
8. Doldrums
9. My Angel Is Broken
10. Terra Incognita
11. Flagstaff
12. Nightworks

(via p4k)

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