25 September 2012

Dum Dum Girls - "Lord Knows" (VIDEO)

Arguably, the most striking thing from the Dum Dum Girls recent recorded output is the fact that they've swelled and evolved into so much more than a garage rock band. It started when He Gets Me High arrived, and last year's long-player Only In Dreams further reiterated it. This isn't to say that garage rock is a simple thing to tackle because it isn't, and this is more than just a celebration of a fully realized brand.
Depending on your temperament, the music fills more than just your headphones or your speakerbox. It's considerably more polished, and yet the lyrics have gotten considerably more heavy. On the first record, there was some yearning but there was also a certain attitude, if you will ,and the songs moved by at such a clip where the album undoubtedly soundtracked many Saturday nights.
"Lord Knows", off the stellar End of Daze, is seemingly for wrestling with issues while caught in that mid-week lull. Not to generalize, but there are some who drink not because they hope to find a grand party at the end of the tunnel but because they're coping or because their head/heart hurt badly enough where there isn't another outlet. By no means is this merely a song to drink along with, but depending on your circumstances it should make you think at least a little bit.
The video is shot strikingly in a hued grey-ish, and is mildly hard to follow in the sense that it's difficult to understand exactly what another is going through when you yourself are not going through the same thing.  The track, on the other hand, is divine no matter how you slice it.

End of Daze is out now via Sub Pop

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