01 September 2012

From the Correspondence Desk...

It's pushing four in the morning where I'm at, but I intend on watching cerebral crime drama/thrillers until sometime tomorrow afternoon. This week has alternately shot my nerves and invigorated me to the point where I can't wait until what's next. This may be too much of an editorial for what normally passes as par for this course, but it seems (at least at this hour) like something that should be shared. There are many, many shows coming up. to go along with several wildly anticipated album releases; All of which leads to a grand idea that the soundtrack of the year has not been set yet. There have been some divine entries for sure, but it's vitally important to remember that September has barely entered the picture. Not to suggest that any of this will definitively upset the current landscape, but at the same time its worth mentioning that some veritable behemoths of all-things-good are prepping new releases.
In other news, there may or may not be a tropical storm occurring. Regardless of the shakedown, it appears that action is on the horizon.
Additionally, it has come to my attention that this song has slipped passed me for far too long.

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