24 September 2012

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Black Mold"

It's not every day that you can see something that includes flannel shirts, dudes eating meat right off the bone, and rampant cannibalism; but then again, it's not all that often when bands like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion come around. After a prolonged absence, they're back making music again. It's hard to say whether it's their titan status or just general vision that allows for music videos to be made like this, but it's rad either way. There are proper opening credits, and the action that takes place doesn't really focus on the band all that much. It feels like a piece of film. It moves briskly, too. Man finds hand. Hand sends a shock through man's system. He gets an itch. His friend is unfortunate. How all the apples factor into the proceedings is anyone's guess, but there's something gnarly afoot in the woods and even Jon Spencer himself can't avoid it.

Meat and Bone is out now via Boombox / Mom + Pop
video via Pitchfork.tv

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