27 November 2012

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - 'Push the Sky Away'

As the sun rose for most, news screeched across the wire that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are preparing to release their fifteenth album. The latest edition to their storied discography will be titled Push The Sky Away, and will arrive in record stores on or about February 19th. "We No Who U R" will serve as our first taste of the record, and will be made available on Monday December 3rd. Today's announcement also included teaser footage of the band in the studio. It appears that the group are playing things fairly close to the chest based on the footage provided, but at the same time it's definite proof that a new album will be released soon. There are also may or may not be a song that is thiry minutes long. Video below along with the tracklist.

Push the Sky Away

1.) We No Who U R
2.) Wide Lovely Eyes
3.) Water's Edge
4.) Jubilee Street
5.) Mermaids
6.) We Real Cool
7.) Finishing Jubilee Street
8.) Higgs Boson Blues
9.) Push The Sky Away

(via Pitchfork)

Atlas Sound - "Your Cheatin' Heart / I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Mona Lisa" (Live at Primavera Sound 2012)

Shot this past June at Primavera Sound. Looks like it was a ball, and not just because it features the esteemable Bradford Cox playing guitar. Baltimore's very own Lower Dens and the very cool in-his-own-right Josh T. Pearson assist. "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" were originally penned by Hank Williams while "Mona Lisa" is a cut from Atlas Sound's 2011 long-player Parallax. Dig.

20 November 2012

Pissed Jeans - "Bathroom Laughter"

One of Pennsylvania's finest acts, Pissed Jeans, have announced that they will be releasing a new proper long-player. The record in question is titled Honeys, and arrives on February 12 via Sub Pop. These cats played a free outdoor show over the summer here in Philly, and absolutely slayed, but then again that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.
The first track to surface, "Bathroom Laughter", is available for listening and downloading below.

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

02 November 2012

A Wrestler Called Gravedigger

Hi Friends!,
I figured it was about time that I check in over here. It feels as though it has been ages. I've been quite busy lately; scrambling trying to do the right thing and doing the absolute wrong thing in the process. For a minute there, I was an actual member of the press. For the handful who continue to check the site, you may have noticed that I have been sparingly posting links to songs and music videos. I haven't gone long on anything in awhile, and truth be told I'm not sure when I will again. For a variety reasons, I've sort of lost interest in writing about music. Is anything really new anymore? A day doesn't go by when I don't hear a act that gets me excited, and I'm at a show virtually every night of the week. I'm still engaging with it, but my desire to report on it has dropped off considerably. I apologize for this, and I also want to point out that this isn't some Oh-Woe-Is-Me trip. I'm doing pretty alright; all things considered. I'm writing you all today because I have an announcement. My long time partner-in-crime, Gary, and I are launching a webcomic. It's titled A Wrestler Called Gravedigger, and we've got a Tumblr account and everything for it. I'm writing and scripting while Gary is handling the art aspect. We just put up our first entry, and it would delight us to no end if you would check it out. I'm going to be spending most of my time over there now. This wasn't an easy decision to make, but at the same time it sorta was. Like I said, I don't really feel all that compelled to write about music anymore and at the same time I feel tremendously compelled to pen the best damn web comic about wrestling known to man. It's not all about pro wrestling, though. It's mostly about buds who like to hang out big time. Rest assured, if something major breaks then I'll coming running to you and report on it. Until then, keep doing what you're doing and I'll be in touch.

Ok for now,