29 January 2013

Pissed Jeans - "Cathouse"

There's little-to-no point in debating how long this information has been readily available, so if you could just accept my apology then we can move along. It was announced back in November that the super great (and kinda-sorta hailing from Philly), Pissed Jeans would be releasing a new record. "Bathroom Laughter" was the first song to hit the web, and we all dug it. This is fact, and no one can deny it.
Today, while burning time at work and getting understandably psyched about the band's upcoming show at Underground Arts, it came to my attention that we now have album art and a tracklist to further trumpet the upcoming release. (Also, finally found an embeddable stream for "Cathouse", so there's that too.)
Quick recap: Honeys arrives on February 12 via Sub Pop. They're playing Underground Arts in Philadelphia on February 15. "Cathouse" is yet another rad song from this outfit.

(tracklist and album art via equal parts Sub Pop and Pitchfork)

1.) Bathroom Laughter
2.) Chain Worker
3.) Romanticize Me
4.) Vain in Costume
5.) You're Different (In Person)
6.) Cafeteria Food
7.) Something About Mrs. Johnson
8.) Male Gaze
9.) Cathouse
10.) Loubs
11.) Health Plan
12.) Teenage Adult

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